2023 programme



Keynote Speaker


The Honourable Mrs Justice Foster DBE


  • Brain injuries: Fresh thinking, new imaging techniques, and dementia
  • Psychiatry and PTSD under scrutiny
  • Spinal acceleration: smoke and mirrors
  • Maximum max-fax: surgical hope and possibility
  • Experts: The Bad the Ugly and the Good


Our stellar line-up of speakers will include:


Mr Riki Trivedi, Consultant neurosurgeon


Professor Gary Green, Professor of Neuroimaging


Professor Tom Fahy, Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Hannah Bashforth, Chartered Clinical Pyschologist


Claire Morgan, Consultant Orthopaedic spinal surgeon


Iona Collins, Consultant Orthopaedic spinal and surgeon


Ashraf Messiha, Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon


Marcus Dignum KC


James Arney KC